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. as president obama continues his travels in asia, he's facing some political trouble back home. a cbs news poll out tonight shows his job approval is falling, it's 53% now, ten points lower than it was in june and his disapproval rating is up ten points. the president met in beijing today with his chinese counterpart and afterwards spoke about the growing cooperation between the two countries. but there is a lot that the two men don't agree on. our chief white house correspondent chip reid is traveling with the president in beijing. >> reporter: in beijing, president obama was honored by chinese president hu jintao at an elaborate state dinner. and treated to a tour of the forbidden city. but after hours of meetings where little progress was made, the two leaders put their wide differences on display. one of president obama's top priorities here was to prod china to open its markets to u.s. goods. >> this will lead to increased u.s. exports and jobs. >> reporter: president huh ignored the issue. instead, he took a swipe at the obama administration for imposing tariffs on chinese tires and other
focused on local issues. but the fact is, democrats lost in two states where president obama won last year. in new jersey, republican chris christie beat governor john corzine by four points. it wasn't even close in virginia. republican robert mcdonnell won by more than 17 points over democrat creigh deeds. however, democrat bill owens did win a house street in upstate new york that republicans have held since 1872. that race got a lot of attention after several national figures-- including sarah palin-- backed the conservative party candidate. here in new york city, billionaire mayor mike bloomberg won a third term, but his five-point margin of victory was much closer than expected. and in maine, 53% voted to repeal a new law that would have legalized same-sex marriages. so what does all this mean? for that we turn the best political team in the business. bob schieffer is chief washington correspondent and the host of "face the nation." jeff greenfield is our chief political correspondent. jeff, the spin cycle is on overdrive today by both sides, but when you look at the results what is y
politics local, or will today's results be seen as a referendum on president obama? i'm harry smith. also tonight, h1n1. it's not just children and pregnant women at high risk. we learn today that the virus is taking a heavy toll on older americans. what you need to know. big brother is here. security cameras blanket an entire city. but does that make it safer? and autotunes. the industry secret that helps singers hit their notes. and puts words in the mouths of just about anybody. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with katie couric. >> smith: good evening. katie is on assignment. it is election night, and voters across the country are having their say. will the results turn into trends that have national implications? a lot of money and manpower has been spent on several key races. topping that list, gubernatorial contests in virginia, where the republican is favored. and in new jersey, which is expected to be very tight. two special house elections are being held in upstate new york and outside san francisco. washington state is holding a referendum on extending
is next. don't forget is always on. have a good night. >> couric: tonight, president obama orders 30,000 more u.s. troops to afghanistan as he plans to lay out his new strategy in a nationwide address. i'm katie couric. also tonight, a manhunt in washington state. the search is on for a career criminal wanted in the brutal murders of four police officers. the tiger woods mystery continues. after crashing his s.u.v., he's now pulling out of his own tournament and still not talking to the police. and a great american city honors our own steve hartman. why? because he asked. >> reporter: could i get one of those keys? >> yeah, i'll get you one. hey, ken! captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with katie couric. >> couric: good evening, everyone. the orders have gone out. president obama is sending tens of thousands of additional u.s. troops to afghanistan. the first wave is expected to arrive by christmas. tomorrow night, president obama will outline his new strategy in a nationally televised address from west point. david martin reports the president will
, that delivered virginia to obama last year. but it's a faint hope. in new jersey, democratic governor john corzine has grappled with severe economic woes and with low approval ratings. he's counting on a huge democratic voter edge and some $20 million worth of mostly negative ads to defeat former u.s. attorney chris christie. the outcome may hinge on how well independent candidate chris daggett does. democrats traditionally win the turnout battle, so they'll take a loss here hard, as will obama, who's come to new jersey three times. in new york city, democrat turned republican turned independent mayor mike bloomberg is expected to cruise to a third term over democratic comptroller bill thompson. bloomberg has spent $85 million in this race, outspending his opponent by almost 13-1. there's a special congressional election in upstate new york where the republican candidate, dee dee scozzafava, found herself running against a democrat and a conservative party candidate. after a slew of prominent names, including sarah palin, backed the conservative, scozzafava dropped out and endorsed the dem
. president obama traveling in asia today said mohamed will be subject to the most exacting demands of justice. bob orr tells us, mohammed will be tried, along with four accomplices, here in new york city, not far from where the world trade center stood until september 11, 2001. >> reporter: eight years after the most devastating terror attack on american soil, the accused architects of 9/11 will be transferred from military custody at guatanamo bay, where they've been held for years, to a federal lockup in new york and tried in a civilian courthouse just blocks from ground zero. >> i fully expect to direct prosecutors to seek the death penalty against each of the alleged 9/11 conspirators. >> reporter: khalid sheikh mohammed, the self-proclaimed mastermind of 9/11, is the headline defendant. but the others are also major al qaeda players. walid bin attash is accused of iranning terror camps. ramzi binalshibh, the government says, trained the 9/11 hijack and money man ali abdul aziz ali allegedly helped pay for the attacks. john cartier, who lost his brother, james, on 9/11, is looking forward
that's what president obama did today at fort hood where 12 soldiers and one civilian were killed in cold blood, allegedly by another soldier. some 15,000 mourners gathered at this country's largest military base for a memorial service. before it began, the president and mrs. obama met privately with the families of those who died and with some of the 29 wounded. following the service, the obamas visited some of those still in the hospital. national correspondent dean reynolds is at fort hood with more about this day of remembrance. >> reporter: their helmets and boots are are what they left. soldiers slain on american soil, volunteers turned victims. >> as we wrap our arms around the families of our fallen comrades, i would say to you all grieve with us, don't grieve for us. those who have fallen did so in the service of their country. >> reporter: and yet, while military families steel themselves for the worst, no one was prepared for what the president today called the twisted logic that led to this tragedy. >> no faith justifies these murderous and craven acts, no just and lov
a great night. >> rodriguez: tonight, president obama has made his decision on afghanistan. >> it is my intention to finish the job. >> rodriguez: he'll lay it out for the nation in a prime time address next week. i'm maggie rodriguez. also tonight, health care reform. disaster or just what the doctor ordered? as democrats and republicans trade charges, we'll give you a reality check. back to life. a man thought to be in a vegetative state for 23 years reveals he was aware of everything going on around him. and the battle by the bay. what to do about an invasion of hundreds and hundreds of hungry sea lions. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with katie couric. >> rodriguez: good evening, katie is off tonight. president obama is finally ready to announce his new strategy for the war in afghanistan. it will come next week in an address to the nation. and the question is not whether he'll send more u.s. troops, but how many. by january, 68,000 will be on the ground in afghanistan. and as our david martin first reported earlier this month, the president is expected t
opponent dropped out. as our national security correspondent david martin reports, president obama quickly endorsed the decision but with serious reservations. >> reporter: president obama's phone call to hamid karzai was unavoidable. like him or not, he is the partner the u.s. will have to deal with. >> i emphasized that this has to be a point in time in which we begin to write a new chapter based on improved governance. >> reporter: in other words, root out corruption and serve the people. >> he assured me that he understood the importance of this moment but as i indicated to him, the proof is not going to be in words, it's going to be in deeds. >> reporter: u.s. soldiers are fighting and dying to support a government that has yet to prove worthy of the name. if we get a karzai who governs in the next five years essentially has he has governed the last five years, what's the outcome? >> i think the outcome is likely failure. >> reporter: stephen biddle of the council on foreign relations says the first sign karzai ends to govern will be the people he brings in. >> if what we are seeing a
drugs. i'm katie couric. also tonight mr. who? tear down that firewall. president obama challenges china's government to allow unfettered access to the internet. sarah palin back on the trail, this time selling a book. and he version of the 2008 presidential campaign. and what has steve hartmann gotten himself into now? >> good lord! you are kidding me! >> couric: wait until you see tonight's "assignment america." captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with katie couric. snipe and good evening, everyone. we're beginning with a story that will affect millions of american women. government health experts made a major change today in the guidelines for breast cancer screening. with nearly 200,000 women in this country expected to be diagnosed this year and more than 40,000 expected to die from it, early detection has long been emphasized as a way to save lives. and over a recent two-year period, 64% of women in their 40s got a mammogram. 40 has been the age women were told to start getting screened, but now the experts say most women should wait until they're 50. dr. jen
, probably the most disturbing news is that all three suspects were u.s. soldiers. president obama was briefed on the tragedy, and he spoke just a short time ago. >> a number of american soldiers have been killed, and even more have been wounded, in a horrific outburst of violence. it's difficult enough when we lose these brave americans in battles overseas. it is horrifying that they should come under fire at an army base on american soil. >> reporter: the attack started around 1:30 this afternoon at an office where soldiers are prosed for deployment to iraq. the gunman walked in and opened fire, using two handguns. >> the shooter was killed. he was a soldier. we since then have apprehended two additional soldiers that are suspects. >> reporter: according to the fort hood commander, the entire base, the largest in the u.s., went into lockdown. >> the installation is locked down, and in many cases, a lot of the facilities, a lot of our families, children, are locked in facilities. >> reporter: mothers were separated from their children. >> it's very, very stressful, and we don't kn
president obama won't announce his new afghan strategy until after thanksgiving. lara logan is our chief foreign affairs correspondent. lara do u.s. officials and the afghan people believe that hamid karzai can effectively lead afghanistan and even unite it? >> reporter: well, what seems to have happened is karzai's popularity from 2001 has-- you know, he doesn't enjoy the same faith and trust in him that he once had. u.s. officials were very critical publicly for a while there, but they seem to have realized not only is he their best option but he's their only option. for the afghan people it's complicated. karzai has support bu but a grog number of people who despise him. >> couric: i know he has pledged to appoint highly qualified ministers to investigate and rule out graft and corruption. isn't that like the fox guarding the hen house? >> reporter: pretty much. one official said if karzai got rid of corruption in his government he would have to get rid of more than half the government overnight which isn't going to happen. he could take certain steps. his record so far is poor and m
/11 hijackers. i'm katie couric. also tonight, president obama's big decision on afghanistan. david martin with the exclusive details of what the military will be getting to continue the fight against the taliban. a cbs news investigation. why so many rapists in this country are getting away with the crime. and "assignment america." they're ready to start their life together-- 50 years after a lie kept them apart. >> like the time had not past. it was amazing. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with katie couric. >> couric: good evening, everyone. he was initially counted among the dead in the massacre at fort hood, but today hospital officials said the army psychiatrist accused of killing 12 soldiers and a civilian is now well enough to sit up and talk. and investigators have a lot of questions for major nidal malik hasan. sources say the f.b.i. has now identified internet communications that link him to a radical islamic cleric with ties to al qaeda. we have two reports tonight, beginning with on orr in washington. >> reporter: the contacts began last weekend with
said the husband and wife didn't just mingle with guests, they actually met president obama on the receiving line. and the director of the secret service apologized for the security breach saying his agency is deeply concerned and embarrassed. bob orr is in washington tonight with the latest. bob? >> reporter: harry, the most notorious break-in since watergate has taken on a high-powered twist, with word the party crashers hawaii hi and tareq salahi came face to face with president obama at today's state dpiner. confirmation came late today from the white house who said the couple who attended the event without an invitation did meet the president at the receiving line. that means somewhere there's likely a white house photo of the unauthorized encounter but the picture has not been released. the secret service has taken full responsibility for the breach saying in a statement "that failing is ours." the secret service confirms it didn't verify the salahis were on the invitation list, saying they should have been prohibited from the event entirely. the salahi were waved thro
. >> smith: president obama will be heading back overseas in two weeks. he will attend a climate conference in denmark where he will commit to cutting harmful emissions in the united states by 17% over the next decade. then it's on to norway to receive the nobel peace prize. the white house also confirmed the president will present his new afghan strategy next tuesday in a prime time address. more now from chief white house correspondent chip reid. >> reporter: speaking to west point cadets and a prime time television audience, the president tuesday will try to convince a deeply skeptical american public that the eight-year war in afghanistan is still necessary, that americans will not be safe until al qaeda is destroyed in afghanistan and pakistan, and that it will take 30,000 or more troops to finish the job. the white house says he will outline not just how to get those troops in but how he hopes to get them out. >> first and foremost he will say that we will not be there forever, that this is not an open-ended commitment. >> reporter: gibbs vigorously denied predictions by some military
, major nidal mailk hasan. if convicted, he could face the death penalty. and president obama is ordering the f.b.i., the pentagon, and other agencies to examine all the information they had about hasan and whether it was handled properly. don teague is at fort hood tonight with the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: today the bodies of those killed in last week's shooting rampage began returning to their hometown it is, even as officials announced charges against the alleged killer, army major nidal mailk hasan. >> has been charged with 13 specifications of premeditated murder. >> reporter: authorities have not filed terrorism charges against hasan, but say the investigation is far from over. >> we are aggressively following every possible lead. >> reporter: including who hasan communicated with. like the radical cleric in yemen who exchanged up to 20 e-mails with hasan and declared him a hero after the shootings. outrage continues to build that intelligence agencies intercepted those messages as early as last year but took no further action. meanwhile, published reports are paint
to president obama's trip to asia. in china today, he challenged leaders of the communist government to give people greater access to the internet. china is the most important stop on a tour that started in japan and singapore and will end in south korea on thursday. our chief white house correspondent chip vooed traveling with the president. >> reporter: at a town hall with students in shanghai, the president was asked about what critics call the great firewall: the chinese government's tight grip on the internet which includes blocking access to sites like facebook and twitter. >> i have always been a strong supporter of open internet use i'm a big supporter of non-censorship. >> reporter: it's one of the touchiest topics in china and the president's long answer took on the tone of a polite lecture. >> i have a lot of cit nix the united states who can say all kinds of things about me. i actually think that that makes our democracy stronger and it makes me a better leader because it forces me to hear opinions that i don't want to hear. >> reporter: the white house said the rebuke was aimed
, president obama urged americans to allow the investigation to run its course. >> we don't know all the answers yet and i would caution against jumping to conclusions until we have all the facts. >> couric: david martin is at the pentagon tonight. and, david, i know investigators have been searching for anyone who may have known major hasan. >> reporter: that's right, katie. a former classmate of hasan's has now come forward to say that two years ago when they were studying public health together hasan could get very hot about america's war on terror. >> he publicly declared that the global war on terror was a global war on islam. he was also very contentious and argumentative, became visibly upset when people challenged him on his views. >> reporter: investigators have locate add shooting range near fort hood where hasan practiced in his spare time, as well as the gun store where a few weeks ago he bought the murder weapon: a semiautomatic pistol which carries a clip of 20 r ringringringringringringringring ringringringringringringringring ringringringringringringringring ringring
, president obama will be here to attend a& special memorial service for the victims. also invited are their families and, notably, leaders of the local islamic community. katie? >> couric: dean reynolds reporting from fort hood tonight thank you, dean. major hasan was about to be deployed to afghanistan to help counsel soldiers in the war zone and as don teague reports, nine of the fort hood victims were also therapists. part of a unit that the military fears is already stretched entirely too thin. >> reporter: their mission was to help soldiers deal with the stress of war on the battlefield. instead, they were attacked at home, three army therapists were killed and six other members of a combat stress control team wounded in last week's rampage on fort hood. they were preparing to defly afghanistan. the team's critical mission on hold for now. >> we're taking a hard look at making sure that they have everything they need and, again, they may be delayed in regard to additional personnel being brought in. >> reporter: eight years of war has taken its toll across the military. some
about lyrica. >> couric: finally tonight, president obama's trip to china this week focused attention on the communist nation's remarkable transformation. from closed society to world economic power. china's been there before, back in the days of the silk road, the ancient trade routes that covered 5,000 miles through hot deserts and soaring mountains linking east with west. now a new generation of chinese entrepreneurs is working those same routes and making money as terry mccarthy discovered while traveling the silk road. >> reporter: historically, china has prospered when it has been most open. it's 30 years since former leader deng chao peng declared the country open for business with the west, creating a modern silk road that is again making china rich and more self-confident. >> ( translated ): i love u.s. dollars, they are the best! >> reporter: we met mou zhonghe driving part of the 5,000 mile long silk road that once linked xi'an to the shores of the mediterranean. like many chinese today, the 43-year-old father of two views the u.s. with a complicated mix of awe, envy, and t
no sitting president has ever walked among the graves at the cemetery. as he did, mr. obama spoke with families who had come to visit the graves of their loved ones. two weeks ago, the president saluted sergeant dale grif fin, killed in afghanistan as his body arrived at dover air force base in delaware. today, griffin's casket was carried in the veterans day parade in his hometown of terre haute, indiana. then family and friends gathered at the school where he was a star athlete to say a final fair well. >> we'll miss you, dale. >> couric: and amid the sorrow of this veterans day at fort hood, there's also great joy as soldiers from the first cavalry have returned home from iraq and into the arms of their loved ones. we'll have more about the fort hood home coming in just a moment. but first, the latest on the major who allegedly opened fire at the base last thursday, killing 12 fellow soldiers and a civilian and wounding 29 others. national security correspondent david martin is at the pentagon tonight and, david, what have investigators turned up so far? >> reporter: well, kati
in to the "early show" tomorrow morning. to politics now, is the honeymoon over? though president obama has been in office less than a year, many americans are growing disenchanted with his handling of the enormous problems he and the country are facing. from unemployment to health care to afghanistan. his poll numbers are sliding and at least one poll, gallup, shows his job approval rating has fallen for the first time below 50%. chip reid is at the white house tonight. chip, are there signs of strain apparent at 1600 pennsylvania avenue these days? >> there sure are, katie. the president is getting battered on everything from health care to the economy to foreign policy. some polls show americans are increasingly questioning his credibility. it's a speech the president has given over and over. >> our economy's growing again for the first time in more than a year. >> reporter: emphasizing the good news and promising to fix the bad. >> i will not rest until businesses are investing again and businesses are hiring again. and people have work again. >> reporter: but with unemployment over 10% and
Search Results 0 to 34 of about 35 (some duplicates have been removed)